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Collaboration is our culture

Why we love Integrated Project Delivery

AltaPro has always been a company that focuses on teamwork, in fact, one of our three core values is “One Team”. The culture of an Integrated Project Delivery is very much like the culture within AltaPro. We all succeed as a team. We support each other and all of our departments work together to conquer any challenges we may face.

Integrated Project Delivery leverages the strengths of everyone on the team and helps to build relationships amongst the team. Being a people-first company, we thrive in this environment and help the others on our teams to excel at what they do best.

The Integrated Project Delivery method is technology forward, and we have put a lot of investment in our people and processes to make sure we leverage the technologies available to us so we can transition into this environment seamlessly where others may find it intimidating.

Why we love Integrated Project Delivery
What is Integrated Project Delivery

What is Integrated Project Delivery

IPD is a relatively new project delivery model that contractually incentivizes the companies involved in the project to collaborate with each other as well as the owner to inject the most value possible into a project. All of the team partners share a proportionally equal risk and reward so that we all succeed or fail as a team. This method encourages all of the team members to work collaboratively together and to make decisions based on how they add value to the project rather than how it can benefit individual companies or the owner.

Because we all need to work together to be successful, this generates amazing relationships and inventive solutions to problems that would otherwise be “someone else’s problem” which ultimately ends up costing the owner more. IPD environments are great for leveraging LEAN principles because everyone involved is committed to a successful outcome. Many of our lean initiatives have come from IPD project people and have been executed on them.

What Projects work for IPD?

IPD works for a wide variety of projects, from hundreds of million-dollar Hospitals or complex nuclear labs to small hundreds of thousand-dollar projects. It is more about the team and the engagement of the owner. There are projects that do not require a lot of solutions and innovations that can be crushed out like a cookie cutter which may not benefit the most from an IPD method, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work.

At AltaPro we have experience with a wide variety of IPD projects. we have done Schools, Recreation facilities, Conference centers, Mixed use buildings, Senior's housing, and Solar projects. Some of these are renovations, many are new build sites, but in the end all of them have been successful projects.

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Experience In IPD

Our Experience in IPD

At AltaPro we have been involved with 20+ IPD projects in the past 5 years. We are the most experienced Integrated Project Delivery electrical contractor in Canada. We have completed projects across Alberta and BC and look forward to many more in all markets. We have molded our company to fit seamlessly within the IPD format and have a large repertoire of experience with many of the foundational tools used in IPD. Our team has facilitated and helped to facilitate multiple projects and sessions. We are proud members of the IPDA and often present at national functions, seminars, and presentations along with other industry professionals.

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IPD Projects

Please click here to see a list of some of our IPD projects.


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