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We promote lifelong learning to ensure that employees develop their full potential.

Pre-fabrication and Training Facility

AltaPro has its own pre-fab and training facility to assist with training apprentices in the standard installation procedure of a task. This allows for mentoring and training of the apprentices in an environment which is conducive to effective learning and have less re-work as a result. In addition, confidence and competence is increased as well as productivity. Training is provided by a Journey Person and our Safety Officer.

What we offer:

Leadership for Safety Excellence – teaches our staff why it is important to do what they do to take care of themselves and others they work with.
Construction Safety Training with WHIMIS – teaches basic safety principles that our employees need to know.
Membership with Merit – provides a comprehensive health plan and offers tuition reimbursement for apprentices. The “Merit College of Construction” administers training courses for all levels of electricians, including project managers and estimators.
First Aid Training – teaches life-saving skills and health awareness skills for all staff. •Equipment Training – teaches employees how to operate equipment and machinery properly and safely.

We will ensure our training meets the standards of the Alberta Apprenticeship Industry by allowing employees to work on many varied tasks.

Training Facility