Commercial Solar Projects

AltaPro's Exceptional Commercial Solar Projects in Alberta

Garth Worthington School

Project Value: $26M

Take a look at one of our IPD Projects: Garth Worthington school is a LEED Silver, 900 student capacity K-9 school that was delivered through IPD. This project was delivered on time and well under budget through the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team pivoted quickly and adjusted to continue working with only ten days in total disruption due to Covid. We were able to fund the entire project team wish list of additional project items. We were excited to deliver this project with our project partners EPSB, Group 2, Chandos, WSP, MCW, Entuitive, ICON, Collins, Baytek and RGO. Alta Pro Solar department also installed a 256-kw solar array on the roof which provides the equivalent of over 330 Acres of US forest in carbon emission reductions.

Freedom Cannabis

This large grow facility is situated on a 56 acre parcel with a large 375,000 sq ft facility. Phase 1 was the development and outfitting of 125,000 sq ft including multiple individualized grow rooms. This facility had a large amount of interconnected systems and controls to coordinate from an electrical perspective which our team handled effortlessly and the client is still quite happy with the building to this day. With the massive electrical loads of the growing rooms, we were able to maximize the rooftop to install Canadas largest rooftop solar array to offset their power consumption.

EPSB Solar Initiative Phase ll​

Project Value: $6M

The first of its kind, Edmonton Public Schools saw an opportunity to deliver a multi-project program delivered through IPD to maximize the potential of the possible 15-18 school sites with a target of just over 3 MW of total solar modules installed across multiple locations. By keeping the team small with only EPSB, AltaPro and WSP Structural engineering, and Larsen electrical engineering, we can keep the overhead costs low while still delivering an IPD environment and maximize the value back into the projects. Our team is proud to be able to deliver this group of projects in an innovative way and expect excellent results for EPSB.


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