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In keeping with our commitment to innovation, AltaPro is leading the industry with our solar department

  • Alternative Energy is the future of the electrical industry.  Getting in on the ground floor, we have established systems and training opportunities to take full advantage of this new and exciting sustainable product.
  • We provide detailed assessments & quality installations from our CSA NOC 7241 Certified Construction Electricians, ensuring each projected is tailored to fully utilize the solar resources available.
  • Customization of each installation is essential for maximum solar energy production, and provides the highest value to every client. We also help getting client’s access to any government grants that are available to each application.
  • AltaPro provides unparalleled “One-Stop-Shop” for all the design/permitting/engineering/ and installation needs allowing us to provide a true “Turn Key” systems to every client.
  • Residential Sector
    • Grid tie micro generation
    • Off – Grid Solar
    • Roof & ground mount systems
    • Client setup for monitoring systems
  • Commercial / Agricultural Sector
    • Large rooftop applications & ground mount systems
    • Modifications as needed to existing electrical distribution systems
    • Net metering setup for clients with multiple sites
    • Public displays for system performance to showcase saved energy if required
  • Industrial / Utility
    • Full scope from point of entry from wire service provider to solar modules
    • Installation of utility transformer pads
    • All required excavations and backfill
    • Screw pile & other structural requirements
    • Any secondary buildings required, site lighting, security camera monitoring, etc
  • Service
    • 24/7 service and maintenance
    • Scheduled system checkups
    • LED lighting conversion to “supercharge” your R.O.I
“Johnston Builders recognizes that AltaPro Electric is the premier electrical contractor for our design-build work. AltaPro will take a project through conceptual stage to completion, keeping an appropriate balance of economy, quality and practicality. We have found their approach to be very professional and their workmanship top notch.”
— Don Johnston, President • Johnston Builders Ltd.

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Solar News and Grants

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Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Certified

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