Solar Energy Facts

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Welcome to the World of Solar!

Here are some solar facts about this wonderful resource and its approximate costs to the end user. AltaPro would first off like to thank you for your interest; we look forward to completing a site assessment to see what the sun can do for you! Solar photovoltaic installations themselves are not overly complex to install, it is the site assessment and design that is the critical part.

There are many variables that affect the cost and design of the system to maximize generation that is tailored to each client’s location and needs.

To list a few large variables that an AltaPro site assessment will address:
- Roof surface/location/condition
- Past yearly energy consumption/prediction
- Total project budget
- System goals (Net Zero, 50%, Over Production)
- Aesthetics
- Shading from trees/buildings.

Until all the blanks are filled in, AltaPro’s approximate cost for residential systems typically cost $3 a Watt for a turnkey system. Commercial scale systems are similar as well, provided they are on large open roofs for cost per Watt. The average Albertan can attain 100% energy offset for their residential energy bill with a 6KW system from a flush mount array design. This equates to an $18,000 cost. Typical sizes seen are 4Kw (+/- $12,000), 6Kw (+/- $18,000), 8Kw (+/- $24,000), &10Kw (+/- $29500). The site assessment would dial in what size is needed and the final cost.

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Learn why AltaPro is one of the best companies in Alberta when it comes to the design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

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Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Systems

If you feel that a photovoltaic system is something you want to try out, you will need to contact professionals so they will be able to first provide an assessment of the site and then come up with a design that will work for you, your price range and the site itself.

The industry is rapidly changing with new products available monthly. We would be happy to talk to you about all the new monitoring devices and apps available for your phone to track energy production. AltaPro will guide you through the “micro-generation” regulation that the system must adhere to provincially, and help you get the most out of your system to put money back in your pocket! Alberta has some of the best solar photovoltaic production rates in the world!

Our Partners

Formed in 1991, Solar Alberta is a non-profit educational organization located in Edmonton, Alberta. We provide free educational events, training and classes, exhibits, school presentations, public demonstrations, consulting services, and media appearances.

CanSIA and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) united within the Canadian Renewable Energy Association to form one voice for wind energy, solar energy and energy storage in Canada.

The mission of CSA Group’s Standards Development organization is to enhance the lives of Canadians through the advancement of standards in the public and private sectors.  We are a leader in standards research, development, education, and advocacy.

We’ve partnered with Solar Offset who offer you the opportunity to create and sell carbon offset credits from your solar installation. Carbon offset credits, sold in Alberta’s regulated carbon market, can provide you with up to 10-years of additional revenue.