Transportation & Warehousing

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MTE Warehouse

This is a 500,000 sq. ft. warehouse/ office complex. The project consists of 20 loading docks, all complete with dock levelers. The building has an emergency 450KW diesel generator with 4 – auto transfer switches to deliver emergency power to specific loads deemed life safety and non life safety. There are 890 LED high bay fixtures that produce 24,000 lumens each in the warehouse areas. In the warehouse there is a 20,000 sq. ft. office area with modern LED lighting and amenities.


AltaPro completed this 350,000 sq ft warehouse in only a year. The client required full electrical backup of the service so we installed three 1250 KW generators tied to automatic transfer switches and multiple data provider sources into the building. this ensured multiple backups for multiple systems to ensure continuous operation. Despite this build happening through the height of Covid-19 our team worked together with the other contractors on site and we all made the tight schedule deadlines.

Roseneau campus

The Rosenau Campus is a combination or 5 projects running simultaneously. The 5 projects consist of a complete renovation of the Terminal Building, a renovation of the Warehouse, and a brand-new Cross Dock which attaches to both the existing Terminal & Warehouse buildings. The fourth project is a brand-new standalone Maintenance Building which feeds 120 fully powered Truck stalls. The fifth project of the Campus is the general site which is a combination of Light Standards, Car Pedestals, CCTV, and Underground Communication conduits between all of the buildings. All of the buildings are set up with both new lighting and power distribution systems which have been fully designed by our team of experts.

Monarch distribution Amazon warehouse

Monarch (DY2B) was a tenant fit up of a 113,400 square foot warehouse, which included multiple scopes along the lines of a Main Distribution Upgrade, Lighting Addition to bring the overall foot candles up to the tenants specs, Main Office addition, Warehouse fit up for conveyor built shipping/distribution center, and also a tenant specific security / voice data system. All of which that needed to be completed within 60 days from start to finish.


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