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This project is a 156 suite senior’s housing project following the IPD delivery method.

Main - Sakaw

This projects bridges assisted living and healthcare, by providing affordable living to the elderly as well as necessary health services, such as a nurse call station. The project utilized co-location of team members from all disciplines and collaborative on-line communication to ensure the owner is receiving the best possible design that aligns with their values. Through this process design work was minimized, as all possible project impacts resulting from design choice were noted by each discipline prior to any design path being carried through. Major potential clashes between disciplines such as structural and mechanical/electrical were identified early and planned for long before any issues could occur during construction that could possibly impact schedule and budget. Pull planning was utilized to develop a cohesive construction schedule with input from all disciplines. Risks were managed efficiently as a result of the IPD delivery method. Through collaboration and communication, potential risks were mitigated before they had a chance to become a problem. Below are a couple examples of collaboration, both with the GC and the Consultant, which mitigated risks on site.

Electrical Project Value: $3,000,000+
Location: Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Botanica Phase Two

The Botanica Phase 2 project is a branch off of the original Phase 1 Luxury Condo Building.

This project is a 10 story, 128 suite luxury condo which provides a fully customizable interior suite design that can be fully altered by the future owners. We work hand in hand with both future owners, as well as the developer and general contractor to meet the exact needs of each individual client that purchases a condo. Included in this project are a 3-story garage, future solar compatibility, and a wide verity of both interior and exterior electrical design requirements.

Unique Challenge:Taking over Phase 2 from previous contractors without completed as builds.
Innovative Solution: Our team spent the time required to review existing site conditions and all the future conduits meant for phase 2 tie and add them to our Blue Beam drawings. We found that many pipes were installed as spares and for just in case measures which now eliminated avoided further confusion for the owner and the trades involved.

Electrical Project Value: $2,800,000+
Location: St.Albert, AB

Main Botanica

Boyle Renaissance Phase Two

This facility is managed by the Métis Housing Corp and included 90 housing units

Main Boyle

Partners include the Government of Canada and the Government to Alberta. This was an Aboriginal and Transitional Services Facility project in cooperation with the City of Edmonton. Assemblies were prefabricated off site which reduced on-site installation times. AltaPro performed all electrical, fire alarm, and voice/data scopes. All systems for this project were commissioned simultaneously with the mechanical systems and BMS software to ensure the whole building was cohesively operating together. A co-generation system was installed for the whole project. Peak completion rate was 10.4% per month.

Electrical Project Value: $1,100,000+
Location: Edmonton, AB

Cambridge Lofts

Cambridge Lofts are located within the old Cambridge Office building in the heart of downtown Edmonton.

Originally built in 1968, it was converted in the mid 2000’s into condominiums and was divided into more than 200 residential and commercial units. The building was updated with newly installed mechanical, electrical, communication systems, and security system to provide maximum safety for the residents.

Unique Challenge: Existing Service Upgrade
Innovative Solution: The existing main electrical distribution was from the 1960’s and replacement breakers were not available. The solution was to modify the main gear with certification to change out the main breaker. This required special CSA approval back then, today these approvals are much easier.

Electrical Project Value: $1,300,000+
Location: Edmonton, AB

Cambridge Lofts